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PT5 PalleTizer / De-palleTizer

Palletizer machine

The PT5 PalleTizer combines a palletizer and a de-palletizer in one single and highly productive unit. The combination of automatic height measurement and weight control, means that you can de-palletize or palletize different heights of cases at the same pallet, no change of program when you change your cases. The case control unit ensure that non-conforming cases or crates are removed and not palletized. Not well packed cases are rejected. The palletizer ensures maximum customer satisfaction, because your customers consistently receives well-stacked pallets. With the PT5 PalleTizer production losses are reduced, manual labor costs are also reduced, and your production capacity is increased. Equipped with castor wheels, the PT5 PalleTizer is a mobile unit and can easily be moved to a different place in the production line. Recalibration is not needed, which allows for a smooth change from palletizing to de-palletizing.


  • Built to last with its stainless steel shield and axels
  • Craft for strength with powder coated aluminum chassis
  • Cuts production losses
  • Removes non-conforming weight products
  • Helps detect errors elsewhere in the production
  • Requires minimal operator attention
  • Comes with high-precision servo motors
  • Requires no re-calibration after movement
  • Switches from palletizing to de-palletizing in a minute
  • Calculates next motion accurately
  • Detects case format automatically

Adaptation options

  • Stand alone, often with pallet dispenser
  • Several machines can be linked as needed
  • Can be connected to several more product lines
  • Can be connected to paper cut machine for paper or card stock

Technical specifications

  • Box/Crate type: All common types
  • Pallet type: All common types
  • Power supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE. 16Amp
  • Space Needed: Only 8.6 m2
  • Speed: Up to 10 crates per minute. Depending on weight, pattern and crate stability

Assembly modules

  • Pallet dispenser. PD20
  • Pallet conveyor. PC80 og PC80S
  • Vakuum griber.
  • Bøjle lukker. BC15
  • Paper Cut.

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