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About Qumec Production

Our main focus

  • The last machines in the packaging line
  • High end packaging solutions
  • Strong and stable structure
  • Compact – minimum space required
  • Moveable
  • Improves health and safety requirements
  • Prevents heavy lifting
  • Saving labor costs
  • Profitable solutions
  • Easy connected to your existing line
  • Smart and easy user interface

About us

Qumec was founded 2009 by Kim Pedersen. Kim has a long career in the machine industry, specialized in packaging machines.
Qumec has successfully delivered a range of, end of line, packaging solutions mainly to the food industry.
We produce a range of standard solutions that fits many needs and also produces customized solutions. We strive to deliver market oriented machines that fits our customers demand.
Construction and design are built to last and user interface made simple and easy to understand, which makes re-programming fast and easy.
We design and produce in our own workshop only using component from high class suppliers.

Should your company also save money and increase efficiency ?