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BS350 Buffer silo

Buffer silo

Built to last of 3 and 4 mm powder coated steel. We have used Nord Gear quality bevel gear and motors. As option, it can be delivered with built in frequency converters and Plc steering for automatic start and stop, smart communication and i/o modules for connecting sensors and actuators. These components make it more easy to connect to bigger and/or existing systems. Here by you save money on steering and power cabinets. The buffer silo is built in a way that you easily can unmounted the conveyor, making it easy to service.


  • Built in 3 and 4 mm powder coated steel
  • Mounted with Ø113mm rubber vulcanized tensile and deflection roller and Ø30mm steel axel
  • Galvanised idler and support rollers
  • Ø17mm axel with ball bearing
  • Nord Gear quality bevel gear and motors
  • Suitable for Non Food, such as grabble, sand etc., and root crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, beet root

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE. 16Amp
  • Width: As you like
  • Length: Your demand
  • Stainless steel

Assembly modules

  • Sidewall extentions
  • shock absorber for gentle handling of products
  • Nord Gear motor with build in frequensy converter and plc
  • Belt type : gubber, PVC or VOLTA

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