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CP50 Turntable CasePacker

Turntable CasePacker machine

Single- and multilayer case packer. Compact, movable and easy to use. The casepacker ensures maximum customer satisfaction, because your customers consistently receive well-packed boxes.  It packs boxes in a variety of patterns. Improves your work environment and lowers your production costs.


  • Multilayer packaging
  • Turntable which ensures correct alignment of bags and trays
  • Finger touch display
  • Minimum space needed
  • Punnets and bags in the same machine
  • New layer patterns preprogrammed from touch display
  • Easy to move from packing line to packing line
  • Only 7m2 space needed

Technical specifications

  • Box/crate size W/L/H: 400x600x300
  • Plastic crates
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Massive cardboard
  • Others


  • Punnets and bags – All sizes that fits in the used boxes/crates.

  • Flow packed
  • Tray sealed
  • Net packed
  • Paper bags
  • Vertical form filled bags


  • Power supply:

  • 3 x 400V + N + PE
  • 16 Amp

Assembly modules

  • CED15 Case erector and case dispenser
  • CE15 Case erector (stand-alone)
  • CD15 Case dispenser (stand-alone)
  • Vacuum tool for gentle handling of product

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